LUXE Photobook No.04 Vacation time in HCMC

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✔全見/NUDE/เห็นหมด/無修正/Không che
✔全球獨家/Exclusive worldwide /ฉบับพิเศษที่เดียวในโลก /世界的に独占/Độc quyền thế giới

New photobook volume 4 from Jibpy photo team
This issue is the unique exotic nude, with new style mood and tone in vintage tone seem like shooting by 35mm Film Cameras

The concept is reality vacation time in HCMC
Our Photographer Jibpy he spend a vacation time in his beloved city HCMC (Saigon) and he had a inspriration to shooting some hot and sexy vietnamness model
“PHUC” is a famouse local vietnam model that good present for native local vietnamness look.


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